Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Mark of the Beast and the Microchip

The 'Mark of the Beast' is coming and it is coming soon! From April of 2016 the British Government made it compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped to enable easy identification if parted from their owners or at least that is the official version of events. There are now also calls for cats to be microchipped too and one has to wonder what is really behind all of this?

The Book of Revelation whilst discussing the appearance of the 'Beast' or ' Antichrist' makes reference to the following:
"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." (Revelation 13: 16-18, AV)
Before this system can be introduced amongst the general human population it is necessary for it to be tested first on animals and for the technology to be evaluated. It is also necessary to soften up the masses so that they do not reject the technology and are persuaded to see its 'benefits'. People have been discussing this issue for a long time, particularly with the advent of computers and the bar code that we find on retail product packaging. More than likely the prophecy of Revelation 13 refers to the microchip which is so tiny that it can be injected under the skin and carry information about every aspect of our lives. Via the Internet everyone would be interconnected and there would be no need for passports, driving licences or bank cards. Even now there is talk of a 'cashless society', one of the biggest threats to our freedom to have emerged in millennia. A cashless society would give both governments and global corporations unprecedented access to our personal details. The Mark of the Beast just takes this one step further and is a means of bringing together all computer systems and databanks into one small chip that can be placed underneath our skin, enabling governments to track our every move and transaction. Those who reject this development will be eyed with suspicion with the well repeated mantra "what have you got to hide?" with privacy no longer being viewed as a very natural human desire and right. The fear of islamic terrorism, a situation which has been deliberately brought about by the New World Order will provide the necessary impetus for governments to advance this agenda. We have already seen the way in which encrypted information is being viewed with hostility and suspicion by governments, using the fear of terrorism as a justification to continue to curtail our basic everyday freedoms. Internet Service Providers are being placed under extreme pressure to co-operate with governments even when there is no real justification for doing so.

A Swedish company, Epicenter has already introduced microchipping for over 100 of its 700 employees. See It must be stressed here that the employees agreed to this and there is no suggestion of compulsion here but how long will it be before this sort of thing becomes common place and is eventually introduced by governments but for more sinister reasons? 

I note that in the following article the Daily Mail (a Conservative Party supporting newspaper) makes the allegation that there is no evidence of "an epidemic of cancer as a result" of microchipping dogs which I find a rather strange thing for them to say and "Microchips are so safe that they are now being used in humans, although rumours about state plans to microchip every citizen are exactly that: just mischievous rumours." How the Daily Mail is qualified to comment on the matter is beyond me and it is clearly acting as a mouthpiece for government propaganda in this case. See

In view of the efforts that the newspaper is going to to stress how 'harmless' microchipping is I note the following again from the Book of Revelation:

"And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grevious sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshiped his image." (Revelation 16: 1-2, AV)

This is most clearly a form of cancer which breaks out upon those who have taken the 'mark' of the Beast which more than likely is the microchip which I have already referred to. As most of the population of the earth or at the very least in the 'developed world' will have accepted the 'mark' then the majority of the human population of the earth will perish which is exactly what will happen at Ragnarok when only a minority of the population will survive but I need to stress here that the cancer epidemic that will be caused by the 'mark' is only one aspect of the events related in the Book of Revelation.

Microchips have a longer history in the USA and various studies carried out on the microchipping of animals suggest that the longer a microchip is stored within an animal the greater the risk of developing cancer. This should be reflected upon as microchipping of dogs in the United Kingdom only goes back 1 year as far as it being a mandatory and thus mass exercise so it impossible for anyone to say that there is no risk. One should also bear in mind that human beings live far longer than most other animals so the risk of cancer developing in human beings will be proportionately greater and is the epidemic which Revelation refers to and warns us about. See

It is quite clear to me that the introduction of the mobile phone was a precursor to acclimatising human beings to carrying around a small piece of advanced technology on their persons, a microchipped device close to their body and we all know that overexposure to mobile phones can be harmful to our health. The microchip will be 'sold' to humans as an extension and development of this technology, meant to be 'helpful' to us and safeguard our 'security'. When governments persuade their populations to surrender some aspect of their liberty it is always on the basis of making us 'safer'. Nothing could be further from the truth. Smart phones ( I do not and never will own one) enable not just governments but all kinds of commercial organisations to track peoples' every movement. The Mark of the Beast will of course include that functionality and can be used to close off the finances of anyone found to be dissenting against the State and all kinds of 'fugitives' will be prevented from even buying food to live. We are already too reliant upon the State and its various institutions. No doubt this has been the long term plan, to make us all reliant for our very existence upon Big Brother, the New World Order, the Beast, whatever you wish to call it.

In addition to potentially causing cancer a microchip which has an electric current activated in it may also cause severe burning to the carrier. This is just one other aspect of the 'grevious sore' referred to in Revelation. At one time it was considered that the branding or the tattooing of the skin with the Mark of the Beast would be the means by which people took the 'mark' and this may indeed be so but with the easy injection of the microchip and the  massive amount of information which it can store it seems more plausible to me that it is the microchip which Revelation is intending here.

Back in 2008 the British Government did consider the microchipping of prisoners but the criticism that this proposal attracted from Probation Officers and civil rights groups caused them to shelve the idea but that won't necessarily prevent the idea from surfacing again.

It is also not beyond the bounds of possibility that the microchip will be used to physically control people and even influence their thoughts. The US Government has spent a lot of time and money on trialling various technologies to control human populations. Once the chip has been perfected I am sure that this will be yet one more aspect of it. Control of actions and thoughts of course are things which branding or tattooing cannot do!

I recommend that my readers also study the attached article which is quite illuminating! See

Sunday, April 09, 2017

USA, israel and the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex

It is abundantly clear to most unbiased individuals that zionist dominance of the USA is thorough and complete with the USA giving unconditional support to the terrorist state of israel no matter what crimes they commit against the native Arab population or surrounding countries. The occasional mild criticism of israel by the USA is merely a smoke screen to deflect accusations of its subservience to that State. One must rather ask oneself why? Why is the USA subservient to israel and what does israel hope to gain from its dominance of that super power?

My readers will know without me telling them that the USA regards itself as the global policeman but not only a policeman but a prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner as witnessed by the infamous and unjust Nuernberg trials after WWII. Other 'western' countries such as the United Kingdom are mere satellites, appendages of American hegemony. One only has to note the farcical way in which the British Government has changed its policy twice over Syria in the last 3 months, firstly supporting regime change prior to the election of Trump, then saying regime change was not necessary after Trump's election and now once again calling for regime change after the illegal attack by the USA against Syria a few days ago. This was a war crime for it was a military attack against a sovereign State WITHOUT a declaration of war, something which the USA accused Japan of doing in 1941! It is interesting that whilst the USA demands that every other country abides by international law it chooses not to do and indeed does not recognise any authority of the International Criminal Court over its territories and citizens. Its use of torture in Guantanamo Bay detention camp is an obvious example of its criminality and indeed Trump when campaigning as a presidential candidate is on record as saying that he was in favour of torture-that is the measure of the man who now presides over that super power. So much for the alleged lofty ideals and moral 'superiority' of the USA!

Not content with threatening Syria the British Government has now accused the Russian Government of complicity in the alleged attacks by President Assad against the supposed 'civilian' population. See Thus the UK is now in pet poodle fashion assisting the USA in cranking up the war fever against not only Syria, Russia's ally but Russia itself thus inviting further demonization of Putin as a prelude to the possible war to come. And who is to gain from the destruction of Syria and possibly Russia? Yes, you have guessed correctly, israel for Syria, Iran and Russia stand in the way of its intended goal of a Greater israel and we are not just talking about Palestine and Jordan here but the swallowing up of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, most of Turkey and parts of Egypt. If israel eventually succeeds in their goal then they would become the most powerful State on the face of the earth thus fulfilling zionist goals and biblical prophecy. As an aside I notice how Blogger seeks to 'correct' me whenever I decline to use a capital 'I' for israel and a capital 'Z' for not only zion and zionism but does not do so for the term 'Aryan' or 'Wodenism'. I wonder why? I will let my readers work that one out for themselves!

Now I have answered the second of the two questions raised in the first paragraph so let me now answer the first! Why does the USA support israel? In modern times we have seen the way in which the media and political system is dominated by zionists with plenty of cash to buy newspapers and broadcasting stations and bribe politicians but the real answer goes deeper than just money. The United States or rather the American colonies that became the USA were colonised initially by the Pilgrim Fathers, allegedly escaping persecution in 17th century England. They took with them their desert religion of xtianity, viewing themselves in the same dubious light as the jews who escaped Pharaoh and Egypt in the Exodus. See These Puritans relied heavily upon one of the most diabolical books ever written-the Old Testament which is full of the desert 'god' commanding the israelites to exterminate other nations in the land that they stole from native populations. Yes a 'god' who not only condones but demands genocide! This explains why they had no qualms in committing genocide against the Red Indians, confining the ones that survived to reservations-often land that had no monetary value. They in effect modelled themselves on the israelites of the Old Testament and behaved accordingly in appalling fashion.

The jewish Old Testament god demanded that all peoples become subservient to the israelites or they be utterly destroyed:

"When thou comest nigh unto a city to fight against it, then proclaim peace unto it. And it shall be, that all the people that is found therein shall be tributaries unto thee, and they shall serve thee. And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it: and when the LORD thy God hath delivered it into thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword: but the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself; and thou shalt eat the spoil of thine enemies, which the LORD thy God hath given thee. Thus shalt thou do unto all the cities which are far very far off from thee, which are not of the cities of these nations. But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth: but thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee: that they teach you not to do after all their abominations, which they have done unto their gods; so should ye sin against the LORD your God." (Deuteronomy 20: 10-18, AV)

This policy of subjugation and genocide has not changed and the goal of a Greater israel requires a superior force and that force is the USA. Even today the USA is dominated not only by jewish zionists but xtian zionists as well who see in the restoration of the State of israel a sign that they are in the 'last days' prior to the second coming of their saviour so support for israel suits both parties but for obviously different reasons! However the power of this rogue State will be broken and the only power capable of doing so is Russia.

xtianity still today has an iron grip upon the white population of the USA despite it supposedly having a secular constitution. One even sees this amongst the 'white nationalist' community where even the most rabid anti-semites still cling to the coattails of their semitic religion, not seeing the obvious contradiction there! Many years ago I coined a phrase for this peculiar disposition, calling it the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex. One does not see this in England and the rest of northern Europe where xtianity is dying the natural death suggested by Adolf Hitler. More and more people are hearing the Call of the Gods and are returning to the Gods of their fathers. Hail Woden! Germania, not israel is our Holy Land!

Finally I would recommend that my readers take a close look at the flag of the State of israel. The flag was originally designed for the zionist movement in 1891, thus suggesting that the modern State of israel is indeed zionist or why would it adopt a zionist flag for their State? There is also a suggestion that the two blue stripes represent the rivers Nile and Euphrates rather than the jewish prayer shawl that the israelis claim it to be. The two rivers explanation makes far more sense to me than the official version. After all the whole point of public symbols is to appeal to the Unconscious mind, the Blood Memory, not the intellect. I would also like to add that the 'star of david' which appears at the centre of the flag was adopted as a zionist symbol by the First zionist  Congress in 1897. That self same Congress also adopted the hatikvah as their anthem, later becoming the national anthem of israel.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Trump, Syria and the Beginning of Ragnarok

It is now becoming obvious after just 3 months in office that President Donald Trump is not all that he seems to be. Whilst denying that he was a 'politician' it has not taken him very long to learn their ways. Whilst a candidate on the campaign trail he continuously made negative comments and serious allegations about his primary opponent Clinton, threatening to 'send her to jail' if he was elected. Once elected within minutes he was seen praising and thanking Clinton and her contribution to public life. That should have been the first indication to his supporters that nothing has really changed-only the name of the man in charge. Trump repeatedly told his audiences that he wanted a better relationship with Putin and Russia, suggesting an alliance between the two powers to defeat ISIS but within weeks of being elected he created further tensions between the two powers by demanding that Putin relinquishes the Crimea, something that Putin cannot possibly do without losing credibility and power in his own country.

Trump also initially suggested that the USA should cease to seek regime change in Syria or anywhere else, acknowledging the failure of recent wars in the middle east and then within hours backtracks on this, condemns Assad and the Syrian government on an unproven and unlikely allegation that he used chemical weapons in an airstrike this week and went on to commit a war crime himself by bombing an Assyrian military facility, killing civilians including children. Either someone has got to Trump and is now pulling his strings or this is evidence of instability on the part of Trump. It is quite possible that this act of aggression was committed to demonstrate how 'strong' he is as a leader and to boost his public support. Politicians know and Trump IS now a politician, that when public support is low a war tends for some strange reason to reverse that and deflects attention away from problems within the country that they govern.

This flagrant breach of international war, this war crime (something the USA excels in) which will undoubtedly go unpunished has now done the unthinkable-the American media now appears to be on Trump's side and even the media in this country is salivating over this crime, failing to appreciate the hypocrisy in that an alleged Syrian war crime should be punished by a real and provable war crime by the USA, the self appointed global policeman, judge, jury and executioner (let's not forget the Nuernberg show trials after WWII!) Two crimes does not make a right! In addition to this new found support the pressure has lessened on Trump and he has demonstrated that he is not in 'cahoots' with Russia for now relations between the two countries have worsened even further than during the days of Obama.

Clearly the two driving forces for conflict with Russia and in the middle east are israel and the military industrial complex. War sells weapons. War makes the sellers of these weapons yet more wealthy. It is war and capitalism that drives the USA's international relations, nothing else and certainly not the false lofty ideals that it lies about, ideals that their politicians cannot practice in their own country, never mind enforce anywhere else. As a consequence of this act of aggression-let's call it what it is-a war crime (something that Germany was punished by the USA for) Russia has suspended its agreement over consultation with the USA regarding military exercises and war plane flights in Syria, leading to the very real possibility of localised conflict between these two powers within Syria. All it will take is a mid air collision between an American and a Russian plane or a terrorist 'rebel' shooting down an American plane and the blame being placed upon Russia and/or Syria. Furthermore with the USA so quick to respond to the alleged chemical attack this could further embolden the terrorist 'rebels' to stage a fake chemical attack-not beyond their capability and further attacks will be launched by Trump against Syria. The USA has intimated that they are considering further military actions. With a now proven trigger happy television personality in the White House who has spilled his first blood one can only speculate how events may escalate with a Third World War now looking more likely than at any other time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962!

Even if tensions do not escalate between the USA and Russia Trump seems to have forgotten that it is Syria, not the USA who is on the frontline against the war against ISIS and this attack by the USA could cause a setback in Syria's struggle with the very real possibility of the black flag being hoisted in Damascus. If that happens then we will witness a renewed struggle between the forces of militant Islamism and the 'west', the RAGNAROK-KORANGAR which has been predicted and the end of the Age. Let us also remember that ISIS is the direct creation of the USA in its quest for unending war. This is the reason why the USA was created to begin with, a country formed by genocide and the only country to have used nuclear weapons in a war crime committed against Japan in WWII.

The astute observer will notice the white, red and black colours of eternal Germania which appear in the Syrian flag, a flag so hated by the zionists.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

British Government to Force State Employees to Swear Oath of Allegiance to 'British Values'

Asian Communities Minister Sajid Javid is proposing that all elected officials such as MPs and Councillors along with State employees such as Civil Servants and Local Government Officers should swear an oath of allegiance to his government's interpretation of 'British Values'. Not content with compelling politicians to subscribe to his party's version of what constitutes 'British Values'  he also wishes to compel those who work for the state, who are by definition politically neutral servants of the Government to do likewise, setting a dangerous precedent for the neutrality of Crown Servants. Javid is clearly of the opinion that unless one subscribes to his vision of 'British Values' one cannot work effectively for one's political masters which is of course an absurd view point. In addition to the aforementioned officials the oath may also be extended to workers of the NHS and the BBC!

Let's take a look at what these so-called 'British Values' are. According to Ofsted they are:

. Democracy.

. The rule of law.

. Individual liberty.

. Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

I don't need to tell my readers that the British Government has failed miserably on each of these four core 'values'. The way in which they have illegally spied on large segments of the population for decades and clamped down on any opposition by native English people to the ongoing depopulation and genocide of our people by the State demonstrates their lack of adherence to their much vaunted so-called 'values'. There is no 'Individual liberty' in England today where every word spoken or written is subject to the monitoring of the State, censure and prosecution.

It is clear to me that the Government is now desperate. Multiculti Britain is falling apart at the seams and islamic terrorism is now stalking  the streets of this land (Ragnarok-Korangar) , the like of which has not been seen since the days of the IRA. This initiative launched by Javid is the softer side of a two pronged attack, the harder side launched last year by Amber Rudd, the rather angry and stony faced Home Secretary. We truly are experiencing now the horror that was originally predicted by George Orwell.

Whilst I am no friend of xtianity I can understand how many xtians who subscribe to traditional values have cause for alarm by this move. It is apparent that this move by the Government is the result of an independent review carried out by Dame Louise Casey who has been labelled as the 'Integration Csar'. Casey according to the The Christian Institute is a supporter of homosexual 'marriage' and has stated that "saying that marriage is only between one man and one woman goes against British values" and that opposition to this bolshevic and unnatural institution in Roman Catholic schools "is not okay either- it is not how we bring children up in this country." So again we have this time not even an elected politician but a BUREAUCRAT determining not only what constitutes 'British Values' but has the temerity to dictate to parents and teachers how children should be raised! So it would seem that 'democracy', the 'rule of law', 'individual liberty' and 'respect and tolerance for difference' only apply if you agree with liberal politics which is exactly what modern Conservatives are-liberals. Any departure from these predetermined 'values' which have been formulated by an unelected elite is regarded as heresy and punishable by all kinds of persecution and prosecution.

If the Government is successful in forcing through this initiative (the unions appear to be silent about this- I wonder why?) then people with traditional values will be excluded from public life. I wonder if Casey and Javid have compared this to the way in which those who opposed National Socialism in Germany were likewise excluded from public life? I am not referring to jews here just people who did not agree with National Socialism. What if any is the qualitative difference between that and what is being proposed today in 21st century England?

The teaching of this political propaganda is now part of the curriculum taught in State schools. I wonder how long it will be before schoolchildren and other general citizens will be compelled to take this heinous oath?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Remodelling of Future Teutonic Society and the Rejection of the State Idea

I have written about the Aryan and Germanic caste systems many times on these blogs so I do not intend to go over the same ground but approach the issue from a slightly different perspective. Over recent years I have come to reject the concept of a large state as envisioned by the Italian Fascist and German National Socialist regimes and I am beginning to give consideration to the tribal village concept which has become popularised by the National Anarchist movement.

I am well aware that Hitler said in one of his speeches at Nuernberg in 1934 that " It is not the State that orders us; but it is we who order the State." However the State whether it be the German or the British one engaged in a destructive war which destroyed not only the Europe of 1939-1945 but the Europe of 2017. The finest Aryan Nordic Germanic blood was lost during those totally unnecessary 6 years which ultimately achieved nothing except our destruction. Brother must not kill brother! The State is and was a monster that is out of control and in many respects it is a blood beast which devours the resources of the people that it is supposed to serve. We only need to look at how repressive states become and this applies to ALL states.

Today here in England we live in a total surveillance society where our phone calls, e mails and Internet browsing is spied upon not only by the security services of this country but by the USA as well-that is what Menwith Hill at Harrogate in Yorkshire is for, the American spy base known for its 'golf ball' domes that everyone knew was there but no one ever talked about! Even before the passing of the repressive Investigatory Powers Act in 2016 (the 'Snoopers' Charter') the security services were already spying on British citizens and doing so quite illegally at that, not that I am expecting anyone ever to come to trial for this illegal activity. The European Union's Court of Justice ruled shortly after the passing of the Act that mass surveillance was illegal. Since then everything has gone quiet-not a peep in the media. With the recent terrorist attack outside Westminster the Foreign Secretary, Amber Rudd who appears to wear a perpetual scowl on her face has decided that these powers are not enough and is demanding that spies be given access to encrypted data which is the last line of defence for those who value their privacy. If she succeeds then we may as well follow the example of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and have 'Telescreens' that watch and hear our every move? Indeed that device is already with us. Allegedly it has been manufactured by Samsung. See For many years I suspected that this technology was already with us and could be exploited by the security services. This is one of the reasons why I still have my old CRT Television from 2005, apart from the fact that I do not believe in getting rid of something unless it does not work and cannot be repaired!

A little piece of advice for my readers-if your computer has a camera I would advise you to disable it as your every key stroke can be viewed and recorded by the security services! Going back to the subject of this article, it should be clear to everyone that the State in whatever country it may be found cannot be trusted. Its purpose is to serve an unaccountable elite. It is not there and never has been there to serve the interests of ordinary people and the larger the state becomes the more self-serving it becomes; the blood beast that I referred to earlier. I make no apologies in saying this but despite my National Socialist leanings I am under no illusion as to how many of us would have fared in the Third Reich. One only has to consider the treatment meted out to Friedrich Bernard Marby and Siegfried Adolf Kummer to come to the conclusion that having folkish views was not necessarily enough to guarantee one's safety but only rigid conformity to the diktats of the State. Whilst I would describe myself as an esoteric National Socialist I have no desire as a free thinking Teuton to live as a thrall! Unfortunately this was the undoing of the Third Reich-the creation of a large powerful state that became self-serving and allowed certain elements to abuse their influence and authority. If National Socialism is to survive as a Weltanschauung it must free itself from its clear former dependence and association with Italian Fascism. It is perfectly obvious to me that Hitler did in fact model the German state on that of Mussolini's Italy although Hitler was astute enough to realise that with the death of President Paul von Hindenburg in 1934 the office of President as HEAD OF STATE must be incorporated into that of Fuehrer and thus ensuring that no higher temporal power within the state could topple him. This was the weakness of Mussolini. Mussolini was merely Prime Minister and thus NOT Head of State. This to me was the weakness and indeed self contradiction of the whole notion of being Il Duce (The Leader)!

No, the whole concept of forming a powerful state is not only unattractive for the freedom loving Teutonic man but is an unachievable goal for us in the immediate term. What could be achieveable is the formation of small village communities under the leadership of wise elders that share a common religion and Weltanschauung. This is how I see National Socialism in the 21st century developing as a spiritual and esoteric philosophy rather than a revival of a model of Italian Fascism! Thus we must learn from both the strengths of the Third Reich and its weaknesses if we are to make any progress.

Before the formation of the Second Reich in 1871 or even the First Reich in 800 there was a Germany and Germany is not dependant upon having a state for it to exist. Modern England for instance does not have a state but no one in their right mind would deny that as a political and legal entity it still exists! Therefore as a people we can still exist outside of any notions of statehood and this in my opinion is how we must develop our concepts of collective belonging.

One feature of German society in the 1930s and 1940s was a virtual classless or casteless society unless you view the SS as forming a higher caste of course. As folkish heathens we must seek to reintroduce the divine model of Teutonic society which was outlined for us in the remarkable Rigsthula. On the surface the myth relates to us the formation of the Jarl, Karl and Thrall castes with Jarl being divided further into the caste of Kon. The historical reasons for this I have already commented on but I intend to make my position on this clearer in the near future. This system must not be confused with the repressive feudal system introduced in 1066 CE with the Normans nor the system that has been in force in India which is more a reflection of the various racial groups in Indian society and their relative positions of influence with regard to each other. We must once again swear oaths of loyalty and fielty to leaders appointed and anointed by Woden, making our societies thus subject to the will of the Gods rather than the fluctuating self interests of temporal leaders. The shift of power from the Kon to the Jarl caste in the governance of Germanic society is in my opinion a mistake for this only leads to unnecessary wars fought for material rather than spiritual goals, wars of conquest for conquest's sake rather than Holy Wars in service of the Gods.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Ragnar Lodbrok, an Odinic Hero-Some Initial Thoughts

This brief article was inspired by a reading of Wulf Ingessunu's interesting essay The ALU-ULA Runic Mystery, published in Odin's Lore. The Magick & Symbolism of the Runes, edited by Troy Southgate (Black Front Press, 2017). I only wish to comment on one small aspect of his essay.
Wulf makes reference to Ragnar Lodbrok and how in the excellent Television series The Vikings (currently being shown on Blaze Freeview channel) Ragnar is guided by the Will of Odin to go westward towards England, ostensibly to plunder and pillage but Odin is guiding him to embark upon a holy crusade against the xtianised Anglo-Saxons who have abandoned the Gods of their fathers.

It is most clear from just a cursory study of the Viking raids that plunder and pillage were not the only factors that drew them but a desire for revenge against the militant alien desert religion which had already invaded the Germanic lands and was making advances towards Scandinavia. This era should be considered as a noble attempt by our Scandinavian brothers in waging a holy war against the semitic demiurge who in the guise of another alien religion is threatening our continent today. Indeed one should also view WW II in the same way, a holy war of Wotan against the demiurge. The Wehrmacht and indeed the Waffen SS should be considered as latter day 'Vikings', taking their vengeance on the forces of involution and the spiritual and racial decay caused by the triumph of xtianity in the 'west'.

The very first record of a Viking raid recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles is for the year 793 CE:

"Here were dreadful forewarnings come over the land of Northumbria, and woefully terrified the people: these were amazing sheets of lightning and whirlwinds, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky. A great famine soon followed these signs, and shortly after in the same year, on the sixth day before the ides of January, the woeful inroads of heathen men destroyed god’s church in Lindisfarne island by fierce robbery and slaughter."

It should be noted here that the target of these Vikings' wrath was the priory on Lindisfarne off the coast of Northumberland. Interestingly the xtian scribes who wrote the Chronicles also seem to place this raid in the context of a divine judgement being visited upon the xtianised English and certainly the prelude to this very first raid were great signs in the heavens, signs which are more relevant to the Gods Odin and Thor than the xtian god. The xtian church had robbed the heathen English of their Gods, the same Gods worshiped by the Vikings but with different names: Woden, Thunor, Tiw, Frige, Baeldag, etc. This vengeance therefore was aimed primarily at the church and the leaders of the English folk who had betrayed the people that they were divinely appointed to protect, and sold them out to an alien religion: not too dissimilar to the processes at work today in England which has been betrayed by its political class and an impotent monarchy.

Also in his essay Wulf makes reference to the Einheriar being led out of Valhalla by both Woden and Ragnar Lodbrok. I am not sure why but this comment resonates with me on a deeper instinctive level and I feel that Wulf has hit upon something very important here which may be developed further. We certainly know from The Tale of Ragnar Lodbrok that he is now in Valhalla and undoubtedly as one of our greatest heroes he will take his place with Woden at Ragnarok:

“It gladdens me to know that Baldr’s father (Odin) makes ready the benches for a banquet. Soon we shall be drinking ale from the curved horns. The champion who comes into Odin’s dwelling (Valhalla) does not lament his death. I shall not enter his hall with words of fear upon my lips. The Æsir will welcome me. Death comes without lamenting. Eager am I to depart. The Dísir summon me home, those whom Odin sends for me (Valkyries) from the halls of the Lord of Hosts. Gladly shall I drink ale in the high-seat with the Æsir. The days of my life are ended. I laugh as I die.”

I have spent the last few days reflecting on the name of Ragnar and it is interesting to observe how his name is part of Ragnarok. Its meaning is 'strong counselor'. The reflection of Ragnar is Rangar. If we separate the two syllables we get ran and gar. I feel that this is significant. Gar as we know is Germanic for 'spear' and is closely associated with Woden. The term ran in Germanic has the same modern meaning and indeed the Spearhead of Kovel has the runic inscription ranja, meaning the 'runner'. Thus Rangar is the runner of the spear, or the one who wields it, representing Woden in the world of men. He thus represents both the God and His divine authority. Spears were wielded by pre-xtian Germanic kings and chieftains as symbols of their Wodenic authority and this symbolism continued after the forced conversion of the Germanic peoples. See Chapter Five Spears of Destiny in The Mysteries of the Goths by Edred Thorsson (Limited Edition, 2007, Runa-Raven Press).

I am sure that there is much more to meditate on regarding Ragnar Lodbrok but these are just some initial thoughts I had on the subject.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The White Horse of Woden

I have always assumed that Woden rode a grey horse for it is written in the Eddas that Odin's horse Sleipnir was grey:
"It was grey and had eight legs, and this is the best horse among gods and men." (Gylfaginning, Prose/Younger Edda, translated by Anthony Faulkes) 
I have checked all the references to Sleipnir in both the Elder and Younger Eddas and I can only find this one reference to his colour. It needs to be born in mind though that the composition of this Edda was relatively late. Snorri Stuluson composed this work around the year 1200 CE so we cannot tell how ancient the concept of a grey Sleipnir is. We also do not know whether Snorri obtained this information from an earlier source as Sleipnir's colour is not mentioned in the Poetic/Elder Edda which was composed possibly as early as the 10th century although it is incorrectly attributed to the 12th century Icelandic priest Saemand the Learned. It is thought by scholars that the Elder Edda contains genuinely ancient material and most if not all of it would have been familiar to people in the Viking Age so it is curious that the colour of Odin's horse is not mentioned in these early poems.

What has caused me to question the colour is due to a rereading of parts of Jacob Grimm's Teutonic Mythology Volume 1:

"We are expressly told, this wild hunter Wode rides a white horse." (page 156)      
"In S. Germany they tell of the lord of the castle's grazing gray (or white), Mone anz. 3, 259 ; v. infra, the 'wuetende heer'." 

Grimm refers to various legends from Mecklenburg regarding the Wild Hunt whose leader is known as Wod which my readers will be aware that along with its variant Wode is the oldest name of our High God:

"A peasant was coming home tipsy one night from town, and his road led him through a wood; there he hears the wild hunt, the uproar of the hounds, and the shout of the huntsman up in the air: 'midden in den weg!' cries the voice, but he takes no notice. Suddenly out of the clouds there plunges down, right before him, a tall man on a white horse." (Teutonic Mythology volume 3, page 924)

I will not repeat the entire story here but refer my readers to Grimm but it should be noted that the 'tall man' is referred to as Wod in the rest of the tale. However it should be noted here that Wod rode a white horse, not a gray one and I believe that this was the original colour of the horse whether it was eight legged or not (this may be a later development). Likewise the name of the horse, Sleipnir was probably a later and more northerly development.

Of course whilst this information may in itself be interesting my readers will be wondering why I have posted this here rather than on my Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blog. The reason for this will become clear. According to the Purana Hindu scriptures Kalki will ride a white horse and carry a blazing sword. Like Sleipnir it is a horse that is capable of riding through the air.

"Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift white horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings." (Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.2.19-20)

White horses had a particular mystical significance for the Germanic peoples and were used for purposes of divination:

"Peculiar to that people, in contrast, is to try as well the portents and omens of horses: maintained at public expense in the groves and woods, they are white and untouched by any earthly task; when yoked to the sacred chariot, the priest and the king or leading man of the state escort them and note their neighs and snorts. To no other auspices is greater faith granted, not only among the common folk, but among the nobles and priests, for they see themselves as mere servants of the gods, but the horses as their intimates." (Germania 10:2, Tacitus, translation by J.B. Rives)   
"Although the familiar method of seeking information from the cries and the flight of birds is known to the Germans, they have also a special method of their own-to try to obtain omens and warnings from horses. These horses are kept at the public expense in the sacred woods and groves that I have mentioned; they are pure white and undefiled by any toil in the service of man. The priest and the king, or the chief of the state, yoke them to a sacred chariot and walk beside them, taking note of their neighs and snorts. No kind of omen inspires greater trust, not only among the common people, but even among the nobles and priests, who think that they themselves are but servants of the gods, whereas the horses are privy to the gods' counsels." (Germania 10, Tacitus, translation by H. Mattingley, revised by S.A. Handford) 

As my English readers will know the English countryside in the south of the country has various chalk images cut into the sides of hills and some of these are of horses such as the Uffington Horse which is said to date back to the Bronze Age. The Westbury Horse is another example which certainly goes back to at least Saxon times. The flags of Kent and Niedersachsen in Germany feature a white horse. The chieftain brothers Hengest and Horsa likewise have names that are equine in nature. Thus the White Horse had a clear mystical importance in the culture and psyche of pre-xtian Germanic man. It was also revered by the Celtic peoples. The Goddess Rhiannon who features in the Mabinogi, rides a 'pale' horse and She may be associated with the Gallo-Roman Epona. In Slavic mythology the God Svantovit owned an oracular white horse. In Greek mythology the God Poseidon fathered a winged white horse, Pegasus.

We should not be surprised that the horse, especially the white one was held in such high esteem as the Aryan peoples accorded a solar origin to this noble beast:
"The horse figures with the bull-ox, stag and aquatic birds in proto-Celtic cult contexts and, as examples from Scandinavia show, it had, at this stage, definite solar associations.
"In Indo-European contexts, the horse was of great economic and ritual importance, and its cult role amongst the Celts reflects this widespread attitude. Its importance is demonstrated, for example, by the coins, on which it may be figured alone or in company with the charioteer-often a crane appears above or below it, as in the symbolism of the Urnfield and Hallstatt toreutic tradition." (Pagan Celtic Britain, 1967, Anne Ross)

The book of Revelation refers to a white horse in two chapters:

"And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." (Chapter 6, verse 2, AV)
"And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war." (Chapter 19, verse 11, AV)  

It is more than clear to me that regardless of that single reference in the Younger Edda the colour of Woden's horse is white and the colour matters because this ties him in with the Kalki avatar and the figure(s) referred to in Revelation 19. However we know from the Eddas that it is not Woden Himself that is coming but His son and avatar Widar. When Widar takes His place at Ragnarok He will mount a horse and I believe that this will be the horse of His father, Woden. It makes sense for all sorts of reasons.

"Brushwood grows and high grass
           widely in Vidar's land;

           and there the son proclaims on his horse's back

           that he's keen to avenge his father.

            (Grimnismal 17, Elder Edda, translation by Carolyne Larrington)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Adolf Hitler-The Chosen One

Thanks to an article on an interesting work of art named The Chosen One has been brought to my attention. The Swiss-German artist is Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918) and the work was created between 1893 and 1894. The astute observer will notice the distinctive haircut sported by the young child in the picture and its remarkable likeness to that of Adolf Hitler in a photograph taken when Hitler was a young child. At the time of the painting's completion Hitler was 4 years of age, an age similar to the child in the painting.

However it is not just the likeness of the child and his apparent age which are important but the title of the piece: The Chosen One. This is clearly a prophecy regarding the coming German avatar and accords nicely with other works of a similar nature which I have already discussed in and

Clearly mystics and artists are able to access images, sometimes through dreams from the Blood Memory that are prophetic in nature and this is just yet one more example of the special status of Adolf Hitler as the precursor to the final avatar. The painting is highly symbolic. The child appears to have planted a tree which may be representative of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. This is symbolic of the new Aryan  order which Hitler tried to create but ultimately failed in the task and instead a New World Order and an unAryan one at that has been created from the ashes of the Reich. The life and work of Adolf Hitler is an integral part of the calamity that has been forced upon the world by the agents of the semitic demiurge and is beginning to find its fulfilment in these very days in which we live.

A further interesting thing to point out is the artist's surname-HODLER and its similarity to HITLER.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day and Night in Balance

This is the day when daylight and darkness are in balance and I am thus reminded of the Hooded Man Prophecy:

'In the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Trees, to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!'
      The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993 (South Saxon Mark).
The Hooded Man shall hold within himself in balance the power of light and darkness and this balance will be his strength and the means of our redemption from tyranny. He will be the personification of the lightning and the sun.

Monday, March 13, 2017

'Unwanted' Male Romantic Gestures Now a 'Hate Crime' in North Yorkshire

Taking the lead from the very real feminist inspired initiative in the Nottinghamshire Police Force  area North Yorkshire Police, not to be outdone in the PC PC stakes will also be criminalising normal heterosexual men by registering harmless unreciprocated romantic advances and gestures as 'hate crime' and 'misogyny' even though 'misogyny' is NOT a crime in England according to my knowledge. Furthermore making advances to women is NOT 'mysoginy'. Pursuing  the strained logic of the PC Police to its ultimate ridiculous conclusion very few of us living today should have been born! So once again Police Forces instead of taking their lead from laws passed by Parliament are now making it up as they go along in terms of what constitutes a crime. All this lunacy and under a supposed 'Conservative' government! Plenty of time to investigate neurotic nonsensical female grievances and monitoring social media but no resources to investigate house burglaries!

As many of my readers will know 'offences' that are motivated by 'hate' result in a doubling of the sentence if found guilty. I dare say that the powers that be which misgovern this country will not be content until every healthy white heterosexual English able-bodied male is locked up in one of the regime's stinking dungeons for daring to be normal. This should be weighed against the very REAL sexual assaults and rapes which are committed on a regular basis by supposed 'asylum' seekers in continental Europe! ENGLAND AWAKE!


Monday, March 06, 2017

Further Confirmation of the Final Avatar in Nostradamus and Brythonic Mythology

The prophecies of Nostradamus (1503-1566) refer to not just 1 but 3 'antichrists' that will appear on the world scene at separate times of world history. Most of my readers will probably be aware of his predictions regarding the first 2-Napolean and Hitler but may not be aware of the 3rd one which is yet to come. Before I proceed I wish to add at this point that I do not accept the term 'antichrist' for these 2 great European conquerors and leaders. I also wish to make clear that it is only in recent times that these figures have been labelled as 'antichrists'. Nostradamus did not refer to them as 'antichrists'. It has to be borne in mind that Nostradamus is writing from a judeo-christian perspective and consequently there is a certain demonization of the 3 leaders to be found in his writings. He was of jewish ancestry, albeit his father 'converted' to catholicism. This was not such an unusual practice as many jews converted to christianity not so much out of a conversion experience but for pure practical reasons, in order to avoid discrimination in their business dealings. So clearly this element must be taken into consideration when examining the prophecies.

Nostradamus wrote his prophecies in quatrains, in other words stanzas consisting of 4 lines. Usually quatrains have a separate and differing theme than the ones preceding or following them. Nostradamus wrote his prophecies in a very cryptic fashion, possibly to avoid too much attention from the church and the authorities. It is also quite possible that this is the manner in which the prophecies were received by him. Napoleon's name appears as an anagram in Quatrain #8-1: Pax Ney Loron (meaning 'peace not continuing'). This is an anagram of Napolyon Rex (Napoleon King). In addition to the anagram it is clear from the events prophesied in the Quatrains that this character is most definitely Napoleon. Hitler's name appears as 'Hister' in Quatrain #2-24. This is a combination of Hitler and the river Ister, the Latin name for the river Donau or Danube. Again it is abundantly clear from the Quatrains that the events predicted relate to major events in Hitler's life. I am not going to go into these events as this will take us too far off the track.

We come now to the 3rd world leader who has been referred to as the 3rd or final 'antichrist' prior to 'Armageddon'. I prefer to think of these figures as avatars. I have already spoken many times about my views regarding Hitler as an avatar of Wotan so I do not intend to repeat myself in this article. The 3rd significant figure who is considered by those influenced by christianity as the 3rd 'antichrist' is named 'Mabus'. Very little is said about Mabus:

 "Mabus then will soon die, there will come
A horrible undoing of people and animals:
At once vengeance one will see vengeance,
One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run." (Quatrain #2-62)

There has been much speculation about who Mabus may be or indeed has been for one theory is that it could have concerned the Flemish painter Jan Gossaert Mabuse whose death was marked by a comet but it could very well have a multiple application, not just referring to one single historical figure. Indeed I believe that the ultimate fulfilment of this prophecy is awaiting a future time. I was motivated in part to write this article on a recent rereading of Wulf Ingessunu's article on his excellent Inglinga blog:

Wulf discusses in his article a figure from Celtic mythology, Mabon. Mabon is quite a mysterious entity. It is clear that he was a God. According to Anne Ross's Pagan Celtic Britain (1967) Mabon, meaning 'divine youth' was the son of Modron, meaning 'mother'. He appears in the mabinogi of Culhwch and is known by the matronymic Mabon ab Modron. There is no mention of a father.  However in other mediaeval Welsh traditions there is a character called Mabon ab Mellt who may or may not be the same figure.

"Mellt seems to come from an earlier form Meldos, 'Lightning', and the mediaeval Welsh may here retain some confused tradition of the divine father of Mabon." (Ross)

If the two Mabons be one and the same then it is clear that He is the result of the union of the divine mother Modron (earth?) and the sky father Mellt (lightning God?).  Interestingly mellt is cognate with Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor. Likewise the Slavic molniya/molnya. A third personage Maponus is attested to on dedications in northern England-Northumberland, Lancashire and Cumberland.

"On four of these inscriptions the god is equated with Apollo. He is invoked in Gaul and the name occurs on a potter's stamp of the first century, perhaps an instance of a god-name having been taken over as a personal appellation." (Ross)

Likewise He is the divine youth, its very personification. His name remains in the Scottish village Lochmaben, 'loch of Mabon'. That a Brythonic God should be venerated in Scotland is not unusual as British tribes did occupy parts of Scotland, the Scots themselves being invaders from Ireland (just to confuse things!) Indeed there are 2 megaliths close to the village dedicated to this God, both of which formed part of a stone circle which has disappeared apart from these 2 remnants. They date back to about 3000 BCE. This is strong evidence for the existence of an ancient cult dedicated to this God and that He was the divine patron of the Brittonic speaking kingdom of Rheged which incorporated parts of southern Scotland and northwest England. I intend to dedicate an article about this interesting deity on my Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blog in the near future.

Returning to the main theme of this article I am speculating that the prophetic figure of Mabus could represent the final avatar who will be unveiled at RAGNAROK-KORANGAR. Mabus could indeed be Wid-Ar, the reborn Woden, the 'divine youth', the Mabon/Maponus of the ancient Britons. It may be significant that a comet heralds the appearance of Mabus. Likewise a comet heralded the rebirth of the Wodenic religion in England  in 1997. This was the Hale Bopp Comet which coincided with certain mystical visions given by Woden to the founder and prophet of Woden's Folk, our Folk Warder, Wulf Ingessunu which caused him to formally found the mystical brotherhood in April 1998. I believe that the prophecy of Mabus in the Quatrains is yet further confirmation of the teachings of Woden's Folk and I am sure that more revelations will follow in Woden's time.

Friday, March 03, 2017

The Wild Hunt (1899)-a Prophecy of the Coming Avatar?

This article should be read in conjunction with and

When I posted the earlier articles I was unaware that Franz von Stuck created two paintings, both of which are titled Die Wilde Jagd. The painting which appears to show the facial features of Adolf Hitler was the earliest of the two works, being painted in 1889, the year in which Hitler was born and clearly this was prophetic in nature. The second of the two identically titled paintings was created 10 years later in 1899. I find it very intriguing that he should revisit this same theme and wonder what the reason may be.

It should be noted that for clarity in the English speaking world the earlier painting is called The Wild Chase and the later one, The Wild Hunt. In many ways the second painting resembles the first particularly in its wild and ferocious nature but the figure who is leading the 'Hunt' has a markedly different face to the one leading the 'Chase'. Apart from this there is not too much difference between the two works which thus begs the question, why bother revisiting this theme?

If we surmise as I and others have that von Stuck was being influenced by forces at work within the racial Collective Unconscious or Blood Memory and that the first work was clearly a prophecy then we logically should at least consider if the second work was likewise a result of similar forces at work.

Carl Gustav Jung was the first person to recognise that Hitler was an avatar of Wotan (see Wotan, 1936 and his lesser known essays After the Catastrophe, 1945 and The Fight with the Shadow, 1946). This avatar theme was later developed by Savitri Devi and in the later works of Miguel Serrano. Remarkably in his most accessible and mainstream work A Record of Two Friendships, 1966 Serrano publishes a letter dated 14/9/60 which he received from Jung:

"They have a high degree of autonomy, which does not disappear, when the manifest images change. When, for instance, the belief in the god Wotan vanished and nobody thought of him anymore, the phenomenon originally called Wotan remained; nothing changed but its name, as National Socialism has demonstrated on a grand scale. A collective movement consists of millions of individuals, each of whom shows the symptoms of Wotanism and proves thereby that Wotan in reality never died, but has retained his original vitality and autonomy. Our consciousness only imagines that it has lost its Gods; in reality they are still there and it only needs a certain general condition in order to bring them back in full force".

Hitler himself may not have been conscious of this connection with Wotan and if he was no doubt for all sorts of reasons he would have discouraged any such associations, preferring instead to refer to his mission as being at the direction of divine providence and other such nebulous terms. He was certainly familiar with the theories of Ariosophy via his readings of Ostara magazine published by Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels who after the war claimed to have met Hitler in 1909 and gave him some back copies of Ostara magazine for free. It is also possible that their paths may have crossed earlier when von Liebenfels as a Cistercian monk was staying at Lambach monastery for several weeks in 1898. His normal monastery was located at Heiligenkreuz. Between July 1897 and January 1899 Hitler attended Lambach monastery for singing lessons. (See Appendix E of The Occult Roots of Nazism. Secret Aryan Cults and their Influence on Nazi Ideology, Dr Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke, 1985)

According to the historian John Toland Hitler composed the following poem concerning the God Wotan whilst a soldier in the trenches of 1915;

"I often go on bitter nights
           To Wotan's oak in the quiet glade

           With dark powers to weave a union-

           The runic letters the full moon makes with it magic spell

           And all who are full of impudence during the day

           Are made small by the magic formula! my formula blessings and prosperity

           They draw shining steel-but instead of going into combat

           They solidify into stalagmites.

           So the false ones part from the real ones-

           I reach into a nest of words

          And then give to the good and just

          With my formula blessings and prosperity." (page 64, Hitler, John Toland, 1976)

It is widely known that Hitler was an accomplished artist although his work has been derided since 1945 but very few people are aware that he also dabbled in poetry too. Mr Toland does not cite any sources for the poem but it is clear that his biography (one of the most masterful) did consist of original research and unlike many others he does show the human side of Hitler. I have found on the Internet the aforesaid poem in its original German but again I cannot vouch for its authenticity:

„Ich gehe manchmal in rauhen Nächten
Zur Wotanseiche in den stillen Hain,
Mit dunklen Mächten einen Bund zu flechten -
Die Runen zaubert mir der Mondenschein.

Und alle, die am Tage sich erfrechten,
Sie werden vor der Zauberformel klein!
Sie ziehen blank – doch statt den Strauß zu flechten,
Erstarren sie zu Stalagmitgestein.

So scheiden sich die Falschen von den Echten -
Ich greife in das Fibelnest hinein
Und gebe dann den Guten und Gerechten
Mit meiner Formel Segen und Gedeihn.“

I realise that I may have veered slightly off topic here but this diversion has been necessary. If the image in the first Die Wilde Jagd was indeed a prophecy of the coming Wotan avatar, Hitler can we not speculate that the image in the second Die Wilde Jagd may also be a prophecy of the next and final avatar, Wid-Ar, the reborn Woden? Cetainly his features are very clear and we must not dismiss this idea out of hand.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

An Interesting Dream

Last night I had a strange dream from which I woke at about 2.00am. Usually I do not remember my dreams unless it is shortly before waking but this one was particularly vivid. The dream started with me standing at the top of a hill surveying the landscape below. From my vantage point I could see 2 camps of people, both dressed in black and waving what appeared to be black flags. On seeing the black flags I recalled in my dream a post made by Runebinder on his most excellent blog:

Sometimes my dreams can be very vivid and lifelike as this one was and sometimes they appear very vague and lack coherence. Why Runebinder's article should enter the content of my dream I have no idea but it most certainly did. I recall looking at the flags and not being able to make my mind up as to whether the 2 camps below which may or may not have been allied with each other were friendly towards me or not. I could not make up my mind as to whether they were National Socialists or anarchists as both groups are associated with the flag. This may be because both movements are revolutionary ones and oppose the existing world order. However they also in general are in opposition to each other.

I am reminded about the myths surrounding the half God Loki who would sway backwards and forwards in his allegiance to the Aesir but ultimately at Ragnarok will prove to be the enemy of the Gods. In a similar way National Socialists and anarchists are both revolutionary and oppose the current corrupt world order but in essence they are at 2 ends of a spectrum. I am not referring here to the outdated concept of 'left vs right' which can be traced back to the French Revolution but the ongoing struggle between the forces of chaos (anarchism) and order (Wodenism).

Going back to the content of my dream I tried to work out what these 2 camps of people were doing and I came to the conclusion that they were both opposing some sort of development that was spoiling the landscape. I don't know if this was to do with fracking or open cast mining but I know that their goal was a positive one. Whilst I contemplated their presence I noticed that one of their number was climbing the hill to reach me. I was unable to ascertain immediately if the climber's intentions were friendly or hostile but I felt a certain unease.

With me at the top of this hill was a flag, a Valknut flag. The symbol is in white on a black background. These 2 colours resonate with me on a deep subconscious level. If we recall the silver and black dress uniforms of the SS, the black and white flags with runic symbols of various organisations within the Third Reich and the black and white shield logos of the divisions of the Waffen SS. Black, white and red have very ancient associations with the Aryan peoples and these colours or variants of them (i.e. blue, white, red -see , and ) appear on the national flags of Aryan peoples or those whose cultures were created by the Aryan such as on the Egyptian flag that has a strong resemblance to the old German flag except the colours are reversed.

Whilst I do not own a flag that matches this description I do own several black and white folkish flags for ritual use. Why I was standing at the summit of this hill with a Valknut flag I do not know but I became wary of the climber's intentions and decided instinctively that he was 'anti-fa'. On reaching the summit I could see that he was intent on desecrating the flag containing this most sacred symbol so I immediately grabbed his foreleg and tossed him over the side of the hill, quickly despatched! At this point I woke up and made an imprint of this dream on my conscious mind.

One thing that the dream did make clear to me is that we must be prepared to defend our sacred religion from the desecration of our enemies. "Self defence is no offence"!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Germanic Heathenism, Fastest Growing Religion in the UK

I am not an advocate of trusting government statistics but the census of 2011 makes interesting reading, especially when compared with the previous one from 2001. In 2001 42, 079, 000 people gave their religion as xtian compared to 33, 200, 000 in 2011. This represents a fall from 71.6 % to 59.3 %, a very significant reduction indeed. This equates to a fall of 1.23 % per year which may not appear to be much but when considered over the course of a decade must be a source of great concern for the xtian churches. I am sure that the reduction of 8, 879, 000 is mainly due to the dying off of elderly people who either in fact or by convention would label themselves as xtian. The only new converts by and large are those of African origins, certainly not the native English.

An increasing number of people have started to define themselves as having 'no religion', a far more truthful characterisation of the masses. This figure increased from 9, 104, 000 in 2001 to 14, 100, 000 in 2011, jumping from 15.5 % to 25.1%. The decline of xtianity though is in contrast to the sharp increase in muslims which is surely due to mass immigration and not conversion of the native population. This figure increased from 1, 546, 626 in 2001 to 2, 700, 000 in 2011, a jump from 2.7 % to 4.8 %. Other alien religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism and judaism also enjoyed an increase but only a marginal one although it is significant that the Hindu population increased from 552, 421 to 817, 000, again probably attributable to mass immigration. judaism stayed at a constant 0.5%. The number of people who defined themselves religiously as jews increasing marginally from 259, 927 to 263, 000, which belies their actual influence. It must be remembered that many jews do not describe themselves a jews in a religious sense. Many are atheist or hide behind the mask of xtianity. The current Archbishop of Canterbury has a jewish father but his mother is descended from nobility. It was and is very common for greedy members of the Upper Class (for the benefit of my North American readers 'Upper Class' in an English context is associated with the nobility and is not, unlike the American one a measure of wealth) to marry their daughters to prosperous jews and thus the English nobility must be regarded as suspect.

Heathens in 2001 numbered a mere 278 people which grew to 1, 958 people in 2011, representing a more than 7 fold increase! This does not include of course 'wiccans' (increased from 7,227 to 11, 766), 'druids' (increased from 1, 657 to 4, 189), 'pagans' (increased from 30, 569 to 57, 000) and 'pantheists' (increased from 1, 603 to 2, 216), 'occultists' (increased from 99 to 502) and other new categories appeared in the 2011 census. 650 people identified themselves as 'shamans' and 1, 276 'witches' (not included as 'wiccans'. The whole thing makes for interesting reading. See

So clearly xtianity is on the decline and non-xtian belief systems are on the rise and the 7 fold increase in heathenism which is Germanic in nature is of great encouragement. Germanic heathenism is thus the fastest growing religion amongst native Europeans. This is something as folkish Wodenists we should take inspiration from and wherever and whenever exploit it. Whilst muslims continue to flood into Europe and pose increasing security concerns the native English are returning to the Gods of their ancestors. There is something significant about this. Korangar  = Ragnarok, Allahlaw vs Walhalla.   

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

UFOs: The Final Battalion

In this article I wish to explain my views regarding the UFO phenomena, something which has even grabbed the attention of Miguel Serrano in his book Hitler's UFO against the New World Order, recently translated and published by the 55 Club and available on Amazon. The clue to the mystery is in the title. For many years now I have been of the opinion that the majority of genuine UFO sightings have a terrestrial and not an extra terrestrial origin although I do not rule out the possibility.

To try and explain this mystery with just one simple solution is a mistake for there are multiple explanations for this phenomena but I wish to focus on a terrestrial explanation in this article. It is a matter of historical record that scientists in the Third Reich were decades ahead in their research and development of advanced weapons and flight technology and what has been revealed to the public is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is surely not a coincidence that UFO sightings began in earnest in the final days of WWII and continued into the late 1940s and beyond. Although there are possible sightings before the 20th century and accounts in the sacred writings and records of ancient peoples I wish to exclude that for discussion in the article, reserving it for a future one.

The US government started to observe and record UFO sightings from November 1944 onwards in the European and Pacific theatres of operations, referring to such sightings as 'foo fighters', assuming these to be secret weapons developed by the enemy. These objects were described as 'fast moving', 'glowing' and 'round'. These 'fire balls' would follow and pursue American aircraft and appeared to have a hostile intent. The Americans clearly knew that these objects were terrestrial in origin and furthermore were German for an alternative for the meaningless term 'foo fighter' was 'kraut fireballs' but the former title is the one that stuck. Apparently sightings were also reported by both German and Japanese pilots but it should be born in mind that this technology would have been Top Secret and thus not common knowledge to German or Japanese pilots either.

We can't be sure that these foo fighter were manned craft as opposed to advanced remote controlled weaponry but it is an example of advanced German science and technology which also included the development of German rockets such as the V1 and V2 and jet aircraft. Claims of German saucer craft technology began to surface in the 1960s and developed from there. Now I am aware that matters of conjecture can and do take on a life of their own and certainly what appears to be an entire mythology has developed around this subject, particularly from the 1990s onwards so one must retain an element of discernment but it certainly does no harm to speculate.

From the 1990s photographs of German saucer craft began to circulate in books and later on the Internet. The veracity of these photographs is of course questionable and no doubt the motives of many of the publishers and authors of books on this burgeoning subject are financial in nature rather than an unfettered quest for the truth.

The responsibility for the development of saucer technology allegedly belonged to SS E-IV of the SS Order of the Black Sun. The various plans of the Haunebu and related craft may very well be genuine but it is difficult to prove one way or another whether the associated photographs are genuine or fake. Regardless of whether these photographs and/or plans are fake there is no doubt that strange flying balls and saucers were observed over Germany both during and after WWII and there is no doubt that the Reich had specialist teams of scientists working on developing futuristic technology for martial purposes.

What is more difficult to explain away is the testimony of Rear Admiral Richard Byrd made during an interview following the notorious Operation Highjump (1946-1947) which ostensibly was an operation led by the US Navy consisting of 13 ships, 33 aircraft and 4,700 men to establish an Antarctic research base but one has to question why such a large and heavily armed task force was required for a peaceful exercise? Indeed in recent years reports released from former Soviet archives indicate that the USA's purpose in sending this heavily armed task force to the Antarctic was to eliminate a hidden Nazi base. This information comes from a  report commissioned by Stalin. Apparently an armed conflict between the task force and a UFO resulted in the destruction of "several ships" and a "significant number" of planes. These statements originally made to the Chilean media were subsequently suppressed by the US government and Byrd never apparently commented on this publicly again; no doubt he was ordered to keep his mouth shut-a policy which continues to the present day.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles. This statement was made as part of a recapitulation of his own polar experience, in an exclusive interview with International News Service. Talking about the recently completed expedition, Byrd said that the most important result of his observations and discoveries is the potential effect that they have in relation to the security of the United States. The fantastic speed with which the world is shrinking – recalled the admiral – is one of the most important lessons learned during his recent Antarctic exploration. I have to warn my compatriots that the time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety. (Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, 5/3/47)

It is surely no coincidence that Germany had launched a third expedition to the Antarctic from 1938-1939 under Captain Alfred Ritscher and it is rumoured that the real purpose behind this expedition was to create an underground German submarine base, bearing in mind that this was the eve of WWII. It is also significant that Grand Admiral Karl Donitz stated in 1943:

"The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress".

With the destruction of the Third Reich German scientists were co-opted by both the USA and the USSR which led to the kick starting of the Space Race between these super powers; SS Sturmbannführer Baron Dr Werner von Braun, heading up the Marshall Space Flight Centre for NASA. All the developments in space and aircraft technology since 1945 have their origins in the product of the genius of the Third Reich. So clearly many of the UFO sightings particularly in the Americas is terrestrial in origin and no doubt a part of covert US Air Force technology. What has been revealed publicly is only a tip of this particular iceberg.

Part of the UFO mythology is the German survival myth of the Third Reich continuing underground in the Antarctic, manned by the descendants of SS and other German military personnel who continue to develop their technology underground and bide their time until their full unveiling as Hitler's Final Battalion. Closely tied in with this myth is the survival myth of Adolf Hitler which is becoming much more well known and 'mainstream'. There is after all no evidence that Hitler and his wife Eva died in the Bunker but all the signs point to his escape and the world powers were well aware of this at the end of WWII but it was in their mutual interests to suppress the truth and for the pure work of fiction The Last Days of Hitler by Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper to become the official truth. We need to never forget that the victors write the history books and this particular 'history book' was authored by an agent of the Secret Intelligence Service and should not be taken seriously but nevertheless countless books on Hitler since then almost treat it as a source text!

The increase in UFO activity is these last days of the Kali Yuga has a significance for us. Could the Final Battalion be readying itself for a coming conflict with the forces of the New World Order?

Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Deliberate Disintegration of the Aryan Caste System

The Aryan caste system is to be found throughout the ancient world in all Indo-European societies and in its original and pure form is tripartite in nature, a reflection of the tripartite division of the divine functions of the Gods.

The tripartite caste system can be found in the Indo-Iranian, Latin, Umbrian, Germanic, Slavic, Baltic, Celtic, Hittite, Armenian and Greek pantheons. The division of these societies into a tripartite functional system is a reflection of the divine; 'as above, so below'. In other words the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, an important tenet of sacred geometry and hermeticism. In the same way our sacred rites reflect events that have occurred long ago in the actions of our Gods in creating the cosmos and the 9 worlds.

The caste system in human Aryan society survived for thousands of years until the approach of the Kali Yuga when it started to break down and today we see a mere echo of this in the present day caste system of India. The 'class' system of the western world is but a bastardised version of the caste system but this should not surprise us as lack of differentiation and uniformity are key components of the dark age in which we find ourselves. Whilst the caste system was based upon divine principles and initiated by the Gods, the class system is based purely upon economics and is entirely materialist in nature, no more so than in the United States which is the epitome of this and materialism. Whatever occurs in that country eventually finds its way to Europe and infects everything like a plague. 

By opposing materialism and not succumbing to its life denying teachings we take a stand against the dark forces which oppose the Gods. A spiritual war is being fought in other dimensions by beings whose power we can only imagine but here in Midgarth we can and must also participate in this war, which more than anything is a war fought over and by ideas and concepts for only an idea can revitalise or destroy a people. The idea which we oppose is that all things in life have a purely materialist explanation and cause. Whether it is crime, disease or chaos in society a materialist and by extension an economic explanation is tendered when in reality the origin and cause is to be found in the spiritual world.

Let me offer one example of what I am talking about. Last year in the months preceding the European Union referendum in the United Kingdom the arguments for and against leaving were primarily expressed in materialist and economic terms. Statisticians for both camps were falling over themselves in providing projections on the costs and benefits of leaving or remaining as part of the European Union. Arguments regarding sovereignity and identity were rarely expressed and I suspect part of the reason for this was the fear of being branded 'racist', a term which was particularly thrown around by the 'remain' camp at all those who advocated leaving. There was also a presumption by the leaders of both camps that the mass population was driven primarily by materialistic and economic concerns and drives and the argument eventually boiled down to pure economics in the undignified scramble for votes.

In truth to a certain extent they were correct: many people are purely or primarily materialistic with no concept of the spiritual world or a spiritual life, who live like the beasts of the field with no aspiration beyond their immediate bodily gratifications, the genetic robots spoken of by Miguel Serrano. These human cattle by and large lack the potential for any degree of spiritual development for they are the genetic product of decades of involutionary and indiscriminatory breeding. Cardboard cut-outs of men, one dimentional with no soul. This is the golem which is spoken of in jewish folklore; beast men with no soul who are created and thus controlled by their master, the New World Order. (The great Aryan mystic Tolkien knew of the golem and introduced the concept as a character in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.) This is why the Aryan caste system had to break down and even now the liberal elite are still not satisfied but continue to agitate for the final collapse of the caste system in India. By contrast the Aryan is not a product of indiscriminate breeding but of a caste system which was concerned not only with the division of function but the preservation and improvement of the caste. The unfit were not allowed to breathe beyond their day of birth and no father in his right mind would countenance his son or daughter marrying a person with a significant defect. These days in this so-called 'enlightened' age it is considered almost a virtue for defective babies to be permitted to live and even eventually to breed, thus producing more defective humans and an ever greater burden upon the folk.

It is a contradiction in modern man that on one level he considers humanity to be merely a part of the animal kingdom and yet talks about human dignity, a dignity not extended to other animals. He sees no contradiction in this dichotomy! A famer or breeder worth his salt would not permit his finest stock to mate with unsuitable partners so why then should not mankind apply the same logic to the species of man? The truth of the matter is the NWO via the educational establishment, the media and the 'entertainment' industry which it controls in western countries, presents indiscriminate breeding and miscegenation as the norm and even as positive and desirable. For those of us who have educated ourselves in the history and culture of the traditional Aryan world we find this to be anything but the 'norm' but an aberration and a means of biological suicide but something that is intended for no peoples other than the Aryan!

One of the ways in which the enemy of tradition has attacked the caste system is by inculcating materialist and selfish aspirations in the 'mind' of the herd. It is no longer considered good enough for men to follow the occupation of their father but to 'follow their dreams' and these hollow 'dreams' seem to centre on the accumulation of yet more things, manufactured by the very people that have sold them this lie. The traditional Aryan world knew no such ridiculous notion. Man as part of a caste, something bigger than himself, sought fulfilment in the activity and function of his caste, whether he be priest, warrior or farmer. The forces of anti-tradition however have applied a monetary value to activity and calls this 'work' and man no longer has activity as a self-fulfilling occupation but a 'job'. He has become enslaved to market forces which have dictated to him that he must aspire to acquire yet more manufactured things in the false belief that he will find an illusory 'fulfilment'. I believe that this is what they refer to in North America as the 'American Dream' which predictably has become a nightmare but nevertheless the NWO would seek to export this life-denying concept to the 'Old World'.

One of the faulty building blocks of the 'American Dream' is the notion of 'upward mobility', a concept exported to England in the 1980s and the idiots who swallowed that lie were known as 'yuppies'. By contrast the Aryan caste system had no concept of 'mobility', upwards or downwards for the caste system represented a form of stability and in microcosm was a representation of the divine order. One must therefore view concepts of 'social mobility' as being contrary to the will and the order that the Gods have established in the Aryan world. Consequently man is adrift with no roots, casteless, raceless and increasingly genderless! This is entirely in keeping with the kind of world that the death dealers of the NWO would have in place. The elite top 1% of the top 1% (in other words the top 0.01 %) need a raceless, sexless and rootless humanity as it is easier and more profitable for them to sell their shoddy goods to such a base mankind. Furthermore there is a malevolence attached to this for they seek in the process the final elimination of the Overman, the Aryan, the only being in this dimension capable of effectively exposing and opposing them.

Part of the 'American Dream' or in reality now the 'Western Dream/Nightmare' is the concept of 'work' but not work in a meaningful and fulfilling sense but meaningless activity concerned with the overproduction of tat to be sold to the herd who have been conditioned into believing that they must acquire these things in order to achieve 'meaning' and 'purpose'! By contrast 'work' in the sense that modern man gives it was considered an anathema by the ancient Aryan world. An alternative word for 'work' or 'job' is 'career', a term more favoured by the mercantile classes. This dark age, this age of lead is an age of serfs, of the Underman:

"Finally, the advent of the serfs corresponds to the elevation of the slave's principle-work-to the status of a religion. It is the hatred harboured by the slave that sadistically proclaims: 'If anyone will not work, neither let him eat' (2 Thess.3:10). The slave's self-congratulating stupidity creates sacred incenses with the exhalations of human sweat, hence expressions such as 'Work ennobles man'; 'The religion of work'; and 'Work as a social and ethical duty.' We have previously learned that the ancient world despised work only because it knew action; the opposition of action to work as an opposition between the spiritual, pure, and free pole, and the material, impure pole impregnated only with human possibilities, was at the basis of that contempt." (The Regression of the Castes, Revolt Against The Modern World, Julius Evola)

Indeed work has become such a primary and motivating factor that western governments wish to discourage people from retiring by abolishing compulsory retirement in the UK and conditioning the serfs into thinking that they could and should continue to work well past the beginning of old age, preferably until they die of exhaustion. That way they avoid paying pensions and they have more robots to slave for corporations, keeping competition for jobs high and wages low. A man who does not have a 'job' has more time to think, a dangerous activity in the 'West' today! By contrast a man who 'works' at minimum wage is little more than a serf who is bonded to the NWO, terrified of the consequences of voicing opposition to it in case he loses his servitude! In truth the serf has nothing to lose than his chains for it is a psychological prison of his own making. The NWO has conditioned modern man into becoming his own internal policeman, accuser, judge, jury and jailer. Fear imprisons man and subjugates him.

Everything in the Kali Yuga has become debased; the spiritual outlook of Aryan man has been replaced with materialistic and purely human impulses. The warrior of the past has now become a waged soldier. In the past the activity of war was the preserve of a specific caste who found spiritual fulfilment in its activity. Now in the era of the raceless and the sexless all are welcome to fight for the NWO whose armies now allow even women amongst their ranks of combatants so long as they do not question orders and fight without a higher cause in mind. Let us not mince our words here: the purpose of the armies of the 'West' are not primarily concerned with the protection of the population. Their role is to enforce the agenda of the NWO. Likewise let us be under no illusion about the Police forces of the 'West', whose primary purpose is not the protection of the population but its subjugation and repression. Indeed the Police have become a paramilitary force who are more concerned with the enforcement of political correctness and policing social media to ensure that racial 'minorities' are not offended than combatting real crime which has become a distraction for them. Now I am not suggesting that everyone who is a policeman or a soldier is a bad egg, far from it but they serve a repressive regime and they do not (unlike the warrior caste of the Aryan past) serve a higher cause. This is not their individual fault; it is merely a sign of the age in which we live.